I feel very privileged that I got to meet this little one so early! I know there are many who still look forward to getting their first snuggles with Evana, but perhaps seeing these precious photos will make it easier to be patient. I’ll tell you one thing for sure, she is a tiny and perfect little doll.




This is the first time I have ever had a newborn sleep literally for the whole shoot! Her mama warned me she could be a handful, but she was perfectly content and peaceful for the afternoon. I’m not surprised though, after seeing how relaxed her parents were. First baby, but they were so chill! Looks like Evana is following their example already.



I have 2 boys so the only bows I normally get to play with are bow-ties (that they have to rip off and play with of course…) Loved the little collection Evana has.




Beautiful family! Thanks, Benton and Angélique, for giving me free reign over the photos! I had so much fun with all of you and can’t wait to watch your little lady grow.