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Welcome to Tandem Photography! I’m Laura and I love working with my husband, Aaron, who second shoots, runs the business side, and keeps me sane!

Why Tandem?

Think about why you need us. Do you just want a portrait to hang on your wall?

Hopefully it is more than that. We want to be there for you so that you can experience your life.

When Aaron and I take out our tandem bike, I always choose to sit in the back. Why? Because I can enjoy the ride, not a care in the world. While he takes care of me, planning the trip, guiding us to our destination, watching out for obstacles, I get to literally sit back and enjoy the scenery and experience.

This is exactly how we want to serve you. 

Make your memories, savour the moment, enjoy the ride.

Still curious about us?

I love my husband who is my best friend, and Jesus Christ who is my saviour. I grew up in Kansas, but was whisked away to Ontario by my charming man. (Don’t tell, but it may have been the shawarma that really caught my attention here…) When I’m not shooting, I’m running after my handsome baby boys, baking bread with my mom’s famous recipe, designing fabric on Spoonflower.com, or playing ultra competitive games of Settlers of Catan with anyone brave enough to join me!

Aaron is the perfect compliment to me in all those things. He also works as a Paramedic in Ottawa which means he has the perfect personality for keeping calm during crazy wedding days! He is a perfectionist handy-man and builds me awesome things like a massive 4×5 foot picture frame, hanging in our living room.  He’s my tall, Dutch and handsome, solution finder, pun-loving dad, and genuine gentleman. ♥

Our sons, Titus and Judah, are just over 12 months apart…YES our hands our full! But so are our hearts.