May 10, 2016

Real Estate Agents

What a small world we live in! Last year Aaron and I were house shopping, ready to move out to the country. In our first home-buying experience, we ended up pretty jaded and unhappy with our real estate agent who seemed to have absolutely no concern for us personally. This time, we were SO thankful to be helped by someone that we felt incredibly comfortable with and trusted completely. His name is Stephane Perras. When we found our home at last, Stephane guided us through everything and we had a smooth, very positive experience.

Back to the small world comment…the agent selling our house was Allison Chisholm. She and Stephane so enjoyed working together (having the same values, process and attitude) that they then decided to form a team so that they could be even more helpful to their clients. Brilliant move!

Recently, I was delighted to welcome them back into our home and show off all the updates we had made to the property!

Together, we’ve been working on their new branding and strategy as a team. One essential element: head shots. We agreed that it was important not to do standard agent head shots, but something more relaxed, more friendly, more conversational. That is who they are. They are so easy going, so genuinely interested in others.



Serving the Ottawa area, (including Russell, where we are!) this is a team I can highly recommend after personal experience working with them. Freely ask all your questions and rely on their expertise in selling or buying your home!

After all, this is personal.

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