July 11, 2016

50th Anniversary

Today’s post is a little different! Though we did take a few family photos, this evening was a party…a 50th anniversary!

I met with Bob, Eileen and their friends and family at La Piazza, a delightful Italian restaurant in Manotick with great food, atmosphere, and even live music! After arriving in the La Piazza limo, the party guests enjoyed wine and appetizers while wandering through the lovely courtyard.

Parent 50th Anniversary-21_Tandem

Parent 50th Anniversary-18_Tandem

The private room was lovingly decorated, complete with personalized menus and a beautiful anniversary cake.

Parent 50th Anniversary-10_Tandem

Parent 50th Anniversary-1_Tandem

Parent 50th Anniversary-11_Tandem

Parent 50th Anniversary-4_Tandem

The happy couple had great stories to tell, and many words of love and gratitude for those gathered to celebrate with them. Almost 5 years into my own marriage, I’m always interested to hear what those with more experience have to share!

Parent 50th Anniversary-66_Tandem

Parent 50th Anniversary-77_Tandem

Parent 50th Anniversary-84_Tandem

Parent 50th Anniversary-56_Tandem

Parent 50th Anniversary-55_Tandem

Congratulations to you both!! I was so honoured to be there for such a special occasion.





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