March 2, 2017

Pol Family

I have some very important people to introduce you to… my dear in-laws! There are so many ways I don’t fit in: no gorgeous red hair, no dutch heritage and my appetite is three times as big as any of theirs. HOWEVER. They have accepted me, welcomed me and loved me anyway. I sure do love them back!!


2017-pol fam-003_Tandem


We were recently able to get away to a cottage as a family. It was a much needed and much enjoyed time! Everyone kept up the smiles and laughter despite our boys having bad colds (have kids? You know what I mean then.)! It’s a special thing for us all to be in the same place together, so we took advantage of the opportunity and I took some family photos! I brought my tripod and remote and we all agreed to give it a go, see how it turned out. Unfortunately, the brand new remote didn’t work. We took turns hitting the shutter (on a timer) and running back to our spots. I couldn’t have planned it better – it only made for more genuine smiles as we sank in deep snow, slipped and tumbled into place.

You know our family, below. Judah is normally quite happy, but of course he picked this time to try out his lungs. Grandma assured us all that was very healthy for him!


2017-pol fam-007_Tandem


Natalie & Eric. Do you remember their wedding I shot a few years ago? Now they are the first photo on the home page of my website!


2017-pol fam-014_Tandem


Nathan. Fellow photographer, specializing in birds and nature. The cottage was such a great place to find both!


2017-pol fam-017_Tandem


Mom & Lilliana. <3


2017-pol fam-024_Tandem


Julia & Tim. Getting married in a matter of months!!


2017-pol fam-034_Tandem


Lilli. I can’t believe she was only 4 years old when I met her! She’s growing up so beautifully!


2017-pol fam-026_Tandem

2017-pol fam-006_Tandem


Mom & Dad. Married 30 years this year. We love you SO much and are very thankful to have “Grandma & Grandpa” so close by for our boys!


2017-pol fam-039_Tandem

2017-pol fam-040_Tandem

2017-pol fam-052_Tandem


So now you’ve ‘met’. When you have a chance to take pictures with the whole family, do it! Take advantage of those moments! And most importantly, take me to your cottage with you so you don’t have to mess with tripods and remotes! 😉


2017-pol fam-al-002_Tandem

  1. Ingeborg Rietveld, The Netherlands says:

    Wow, so nice to see this pictures of our far-away-but-so-much-beloved-friends. Thank you, Laura and Aaron! Please say hello to them all from us!




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