September 7, 2017

Kathryn & Mitchell, Engaged

Kathryn told me she and Mitchell enjoy nature alot… I was sold!!




The Mill gave us so many options, most of them with lush greens and dazzling water. It was so sweet to be able to shoot in such a scenic place, but also a special one. The park across from Watson’s Mill is where these two got engaged! They had rain that day, but for the engagement session, it couldn’t have been more glorious.





I’m don’t think we were a minute into shooting when I got to see the real Kathryn. Her laughter was contagious! I love the way Mitchell just enjoyed and appreciated his beautiful bride-to-be.





The mist is like sparkles…only better! I’m not usually a sparkles kind of person, but I love what God can do with a few water droplets!




Can’t wait to shoot more of this gorgeous ring on the wedding day! Great taste, Mitchell!


Thanks for such a lovely evening, Kathryn and Mitchell. I’ll see you at your wedding in about a month!!





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