September 23, 2017

Becca & Emke, Engaged

See guys, THIS is why I was so excited about every photo! Emke and Becca, thanks for bringing me along for such a lovely evening!



I think I’ve known these two for at least 7 years now, but it’s always exciting to get to know people in a different way when I photograph them. Trust me, being a third wheel has never been more fun. 😉



I feel like the image below is almost a painting. Handsome couple with the soft, lovely scenery of the Arboretum! Couldn’t ask for more!



The below image sums up the joy of married life for me. Keep looking at her that way, Emke…always.



Thanks so much, Becca & Emke! The evening was delightful and I can’t wait to photograph your beautiful winter wedding!!!