October 6, 2017

Schoenholz – Wedding Workshop

This was just the BEST. Super sweet couple, working with a designer and florist I love, and getting to shoot my favourite parts – details and portraits!



I was looking for models that a) I hadn’t worked with before and b) had been married within the last year…basically so they could still wear their wedding clothes. Just sayin’… been there! Erica & JS could not have been more perfect. Emily, Leanne and I were so happy to get to know them. We were very thankful for their patience and good attitudes!



Details are something we talked a lot about in this workshop. Most of my job is portraiture, but detail photos are a totally different challenge. I love that it stretches my mind a bit and makes better use of my graphic design background. It’s so easy to get lost in all the pretty pieces! Wish we could have spent another hour at least on them.



I knew I could trust Sam to create something really elegant and typographic for the stationery. These are perfect! It’s so much harder, but looks so much more sophisticated to keep the stationery clean and minimal. We didn’t know the exact colour scheme in advance, but I love that this set could go with ANY colour scheme, and pretty much any theme! Add a coloured envelope or liner and it pops even more! Credit: Sam Baynham Graphic Design



I’ve worked with Rachel on previous weddings and love her attention to detail with her florals! She uses a fantastic variety of texture and complimentary colours. I knew this shoot needed to fit with the early fall foliage, but I otherwise wanted her to do something she loved. The bouquet and boutonniere were stunning. I was thrilled with the loose, modern style of the bouquet (which wasn’t even heavy….how???). Little berries will get me every time, and the long ribbons were the perfect finishing touch! Um….can we do this again soon??? Credit: Pretty Posy Floral Design 



This is our final and I believe best workshop practice session. Leanne and Emily did BEAUTIFUL work! I loved seeing them be more independent and creative, especially with their detail shots.

Leanne’s images:



and Emily’s:



I feel like just gushing with thanks for everyone. Erica and JS, you were fun to be with and GREAT models! It certainly shows that you love each other dearly! Rachel & Sam, your work was fantastic, even on short notice. I can’t wait to work with you both again one day! Emily and Leanne, you’ve both improved so much and have real talent for seeing people for who they are and capturing them very well. I’ll miss our workshops!

Love and hugs,





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