October 12, 2017

Mr. & Mrs. de Waal

Ok so it’s more than a little busy when one of our family members is getting married…but oh MAN is it sweet, fun and exciting! Congratulations to Aaron’s sister Julia and our new brother Tim!!

Stunning makeup by Allison Brookes.



Loved these details! Look at those flowers by Emily Kingswood! Everything came together so beautifully.



It meant so much that Julia’s mom was able to be there to help Julia. Definitely some teary eyes in this room. We were so, so glad.



This is sweeter than you realize too – the guys got ready at the Zuiderveen’s home. Cousins and close friends to Julia, close friends of Tim’s. Basically this is where it all began!



The below photo was the sneak peek I posted. I think the word most used to describe it is ‘fairytale’. These two are absolutely picture perfect. LOVE.



One of the groomsmen wasn’t able to attend in time for photos, so sad!! He was able to make it in for the reception, stay tuned for that photo! Still had fun with Tim’s brothers and friend 🙂



Definitely could have posted several huge photos of my boys in their suits. Swooning over my little ring bearers!! And of course, Judah had to take his first steps just a week after the wedding…



Thomas, Julia’s man of honour, is a paper airplane expert. No joke, he’s done some international competing! He was the perfect person to make all the airplane decor, a nod to Tim beginning his career as a pilot.



Yannich arrived!!



Julia & Tim, we can’t begin to tell you how happy we are for you. We look forward to seeing the myriad of ways God will use you as a team! Congratulations and blessings to you both!!


Laura & Aaron (and Titus & Judah!)

  1. Timothy & Julia de Waal says:

    Thank you, Tandem Photography, for shooting our wedding! Laura was so relaxed and full of cheer, this enabled us to really enjoy the photo process and create genuine smiles. We couldn’t be happier with the results! In addition, Laura’s partner (and husband!) Aaron was really sweet and super helpful with fixing the dress, holding the flowers, and making sure that I (the bride) stayed warm between spots where we took photos. They really do make such a great team! After reading Laura’s bridal magazine, Tim and I decided to do the first look and photos before the wedding. We have no regrets! It was very special to have a few moments to ourselves before the wedding and getting married! The first look did not take away any of the specialness of walking down the aisle, it only added to it as we felt super relaxed. It also allowed us to take in the moment and enjoy our wedding day stress free! Thank you, Tandem Photos, for this amazing experience and incredibly beautiful photos! We definitely enjoyed the ride with you! Timothy & Julia de Waal




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