November 7, 2017

Mr. & Mrs. Wagner

Oh, the colours. So many things I loved about this day, but the vibrant colours and the smiles to match may be my favourites.


From the beginning, this day was filled with laughter! I so enjoyed spending the morning with Audrey and her sweet bridesmaids. Audrey was incredibly relaxed, despite the heavy clouds outside!



Amazingly, when it was time for a few portraits, we still had no rain! Instead, the colours were that much richer. Taking these portraits at her parents’ place was not only  special, but it was a gorgeous setting! Can you imagine driving up this driveway every day?



Aaron spent the morning with the Tyson & the men in an upper room at the Ottawa RP Church. Each of their suits were custom made – so sharp!



Praying together before the ceremony. Remembering what this day is about. Thanking God.



That single second alone before you’re smothered with hugs and well-wishes. One of my favourite moments of every wedding.



Their portraits were taken at Watson’s Mill in Manotick. We were able to use the indoors in case of rain, but the outside is one of the BEST places to shoot for fall colours! The trees, the stone, the water, even the character in this old machinery. Stunning!



Tyson’s mother did all the flowers (and the wedding cake!). So lovely!!



The inside of the Mill. So romantic. Incredibly, we didn’t have any rain to deal with at all! But I’m so glad we were able to use the inside anyway. Tyson and Audrey just fit here. Loved getting to enjoy this space and the quiet time with just the bride and groom.



Tyson and Audrey did their first dance as they entered. Doesn’t that say something really good about how you start your marriage?


The speeches at this wedding, I’m serious, were the most fun and hilarious wedding speeches I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying! Tyson knew his three older brothers would give him a good ribbing (and they did) but it was all in good fun and definitely enlightening! 😉



Tyson & Audrey, what an honour to celebrate this day with you and your families. Thank you so much and congratulations!!! Visit often!





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