November 14, 2017

DeBlois Family

We squeezed in one more family session just before it got too cold! It wasn’t a day for the faint of heart, but the DeBlois crew made it so enjoyable and exciting anyway!



The kids were SO patient. Though you would expect little ones to be cold and getting grumpy, I’ve been amazed on multiple shoots how much kids just enjoy being outdoors in a new place! The distraction of nature discoveries, wide open places to run, even being on their own while Mom & Dad pose for a few is such a help.



So sweet to see how these three older brothers took care of their sisters, even when no one was watching. Little gentlemen!



I’m sure Derek and Amanda have their hands full, but all I could see was how much they loved and enjoyed their little ones…



…and each other. Simple as it seems, having a few minutes to walk hand-in-hand down a quiet road is a very special thing.



DeBlois family, I’m so glad this session worked out between bad weather. Thanks for being so flexible and brave!





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