December 4, 2017

Alexander Family

Sometimes I get a little carried away…but when a family is THIS adorable and the baby is THIS happy and the weather is THIS nice, I just can’t help it! Our mini session ran a little long, but it was delightful to spend time with our friends, the Alexanders.



Anyone in Russell recognize this pretty spot? This is McLaren Lane/Wade Road. It’s been a little while since I visited, but I thought I remembered a good patch of pine trees and was not disappointed!



It cracks me up how little Evana is lounging so comfortably with her parents. Sweetheart!



It’s been a few years, but I was just starting to get to know Benton & Angélique when I did their wedding photos. I’m very grateful for the friendship that followed! Love the way Benton makes her laugh. 🙂



Did you ever see a cuter little reindeer?? I’ve noticed over the last few weeks this girl has been bursting with smiles. Hope she brings you a little Christmas cheer today!



Alexander family, thanks so much for the lovely afternoon!!





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