March 19, 2018

Stewart Family

With heaps of snow still on the ground, an in-home session sounded much more appealing for the Stewart family, celebrating a sweet 6 months for little Eloise! As you know, I always love outdoor shoots, but an indoor family session like this one was a fun treat. It gives us so many candid photos that parents know are some of the most precious!

The morning’s excitement began with making (and tasting) waffles….



Anderson is at such a fun age… old enough to start helping, but young enough to be super excited about a breakfast date with his daddy! I loved this cozy little table set for the two of them.



And here she is!! Eloise was just getting up from a nap when I met her. She couldn’t have been happier!



6 months old and stealing hearts already.



Wouldn’t you spend hours in this chair, reading to or cuddling this gorgeous baby girl? The nursery was lovely. A perfect setting for this mother & daughter.



Oh brother. 😉



Lots of giggles!! I believe every family should have a Monday morning like this once in a while. Thanks for letting me join you, Stewart family!!






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