April 3, 2018

Vanderveen Family

Oh my heart! She’s here, little  Nora Vanderveen. There’s a good bit of unpredictability with newborn sessions, but with a bit of planning and plenty of time, the experience can be smooth and delightfully  rewarding. I find such joy in the privilege of being a visitor so early in a child’s life, especially when many haven’t even met her yet! Definitely soaked up the cuddles while I could!



Big sister Lily was so happy to hold and care for Nora. She had a gentle touch and plenty of kisses.



At five years old, she was giving me pretty serious science lessons while we waited for Nora to settle.  So fun to see her twirl in this pretty skirt, or dress up as a princess while telling me all about wind and speed measurements!



After waking, eating, and some unavoidable distractions, Nora finally fell asleep again. Our patience paid off and we ended with some of my very favourites. I’m in love with these images of gorgeous little Nora on a rich plum backdrop! Now there’s a princess.

Even in these earliest days of her life, sweet Nora will be prayed for, loved on, and raised in a Christ-centered home. As I am humbly reminded during this time of Easter, there is so much hope and joy ahead of our Savior coming again.

1 Peter 1:6 So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead.



May Nora, Lily, and their parents have this same joy in their hearts and home all the days of their lives! Congratulations on your new addition,  Vanderveen family!





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