June 7, 2018

Kelly Family

I think what happened was that I reached out for Kailen’s little hand without even thinking about it. Mother’s instinct! But I also think he instinctively reached for mine. We both paused when we realized it, and then in his adorable 4 year old voice, he asked Kellye, “Mommy, can I hold her hand?” Melt.


It will be so much fun to see this little guy as a big brother soon! He will be such a good helper, and teacher, I can tell.



This is why I love this job. We go for long walks. In beautiful light. At beautiful places. With such nice and fun people!! So thankful!



Kellye pointed out this tree and it was just stunning. I’m so glad she asked for this spot! It’s only a few days out of the year that you even see these blossoms, and you (three!) looked perfect under the branches.



I had such a lovely evening with your family, Sean, Kellye and Kailen! Early congratulations on your new addition and I wish you the very best!!






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