June 20, 2018

The Vanderveens

As hard as the last year has been, Aaron and I can still say we’ve been so happy, so blessed to have all the family close by for as season! Last fall, Eric and Natalie (Aaron’s sister) moved back home to help care for their mom, keep the house running, family fed, and so much more.



Though life is still very busy, we’re always looking for ways to spend more time with them, and a photoshoot is (for me anyway!) a great excuse to just go on a walk and catch up.



…and there was definitely a lot to catch up on…



IT’S TRUE!!! Baby Vanderveen arrives somewhere around December 19, 2018!!!! We are SO delighted to have a little niece or nephew on the way, so thrilled for these two to become parents!!



I’ll just let you enjoy the photos now and bask in the joy and excitement! 😉



Congratulations, Eric and Natalie!!! Can’t wait to meet your little one!


  1. bennettjacquelinehotmail.com says:

    Congratulations guys!!!!! We pray all goes well for you guys!!!!!
    Love Jacqueline & Robert




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