August 21, 2018

Thompson Family

I think the best brother-relationships are the ones where they are experts at keeping each other humble, but they’re also still able to smile together, even make each other laugh for family photos. Mom & Dad Thompson, you did good with this crew!! 😉



As a mom of two (still very little) boys myself, I always wonder what our future will look like, especially what shape Aaron and I will be in by the time they’re grown up. I hope it’s something like these two. We really had such a fun, relaxed evening all together which is a credit to them!



Greg? Tyler? If you hadn’t told me, I would never have known the truth! Wait…have other clients done this?



Joe and his wife Corrin. She is the one who contacted me to arrange this family session. We talked alot about colour scheme and clothing in advance, and she did such a great job pulling it all together! I knew they were doing mostly blues with a bit of orange. I went scouting before they arrived and found these beautifully coloured apples, just starting to turn. I’m so thrilled with how perfect they are in the background!! Nailed it.



Charles the brave (you’ll have to keep reading…)



5th time at RiverOak, first time trying to figure out how to incorporate this old tractor in photos. Charles was the brave soul who first climbed up and sat on it. When he didn’t fall through, the others decided to take a little risk too!



Thanks for such a great evening, Thompson family! So glad you were able to update your family photos after about 20 years! 🙂





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