September 7, 2018

Stewart Family

The lovely Eloise in her lovely white dress, surrounded by lovely hydrangeas…this was an amaaaaazing start to the evening! This little sweetheart just turned one. I know people are always worried about taking photos at (or after) young children’s bed times, but usually they just love getting to enjoy the outdoors a little longer. These smiles prove it!



Tracy paid attention to every detail of their outfits and her efforts really paid off! The lace and soft neutrals for the girls are a dream to photograph. Love the way it shows off the clear bond between these two!



Anderson may be getting a little too cool for posed photos, but he gave me plenty of personality in between. I’m pretty sure his parents will love these just as much or more!



The Ottawa Arboretum never gets old. I scouted around before our session and found an endless variety of interesting trees to shoot with. We settled on these and loved that it gave the kids something to check out!



Greg and Eloise, so sweet.



“Anderson, my hair…!” Haha, I love this!



I started photographing this family when Anderson was 6 months old. Incredible to have these glimpses as they grow up! Thanks, Stewart family!!

Clothing Tips: if you’re planning a family session soon, check out Zara for kid’s clothing! Tracy shopped there for most of what the kids have on. So classy and timeless!!!





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