September 15, 2018

Mr. & Mrs. Marcil

We were off to a great start for sure when I found out this wedding was taking place 5 minutes from my house! But it was even better to get to visit Annie and Frank a few times in advance, just to touch base and get everything mapped out. They were so kind and sweet from the beginning.  Aaron and I genuinely loved being a part of their beautiful day!



It took a few minutes, but the light rain finally let up so this groom could meet his stunning bride. I love that this is in their own backyard!



Oh my word, this was the cutest thing!!!! What I love the most is their serious faces. They’re definitely taking the job seriously!



The joy radiating from these two is what made it such a fun and heart-warming day. SO excited, as they should be!!



Congratulations, Frank & Annie! Thanks so much for asking us to join you! We were delighted to be a part of your wedding!





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