October 17, 2018

Symington Family

Thankful hearts!! We were able to do this family session the week before Thanksgiving. Sometimes that’s really hard for me to schedule, but this time it worked out which was perfect, since part of the family was from Alberta!! While they were getting piles of snow out west, we had a little milder weather to enjoy.


Shawna & her beautiful family.


I always love an excuse to go back to Pinhey’s Point. Lots of fun with Susan and her two daughters’ families!



She loved Mommy’s necklace so much, and finally got to wear it too! Great taste runs in these genes!



This family you’ve seen before, Amber & Jaco’s! Braving the cold like it’s no big deal with a brand new baby boy!



I think in a nutshell, the below is why I love this property so much. Trying to constrain kids inside, even (and especially) in their own house, can be so challenging! I love a big, quiet area where they an run free and do their own thing. They get warmed up quickly (in a few ways!) and if they just don’t feel like sitting for portraits, we can get great candids while they play and explore.



Probably my favourite image of the whole evening. So much love and fun between a grandma and her grandbabies!!



Thanks, Symington family! I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving all together this year!





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