January 1, 2019

Keira June

If you’ve been waiting for a good look at this baby (and who hasn’t??), this is it!!! Keira June has arrived, my very first niece! Natalie (Aaron’s sister) and Eric’s first child is a beauty and so sweet tempered. What a blessing she is!



Bows are so foreign in my house! I’m still trying to hold off shopping for my coming-soon baby girl, but I’m loving all the sweet outfits and accessories in Keira’s wardrobe. And this girl has so much hair to dress up, too! Everyone was surprised as both families were used to pretty bald babies. Jury is still out on who she really looks like… I vote Eric’s side, but others are sure she has Natalie’s eyes!



My favourite (below) out of all of them. No question. 



Mom, Dad & Baby are doing great… Keira’s a very sound sleeper!



Keira shares her middle name with Natalie’s mom who we lost in the last year. We can’t wait to see what other traits this little one will inherit from her Grandma. <3



One proud, happy papa! Wrapped around her little finger already, I think. 😉



Congratulations, Eric & Natalie! We are so thankful for the safe arrival of healthy, gorgeous girl!!!


Auntie Laura





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