January 24, 2019

Dr. Tracy Dalgleish

Being photographed is a pretty vulnerable feeling, so when you trust me with the task repeatedly, it has a way of inevitably building some kind of connection and friendship. And I love that! It was a delight to see Tracy again, though this time in a different role. I’ve shot her beautiful family several times, but solo headshots were a new venture. She nailed it!



Tracy is a Clinical Health Psychologist and Couples Therapist and is just about to launch her new podcast, “I’m Not Your Shrink”. Even in our short interactions, I can tell you she makes people feel so at ease and is so genuine. These images give you just a taste of that too, I hope!

Learn more her work and podcast at drtracyd.com.



Thanks Tracy! Until next time. 😉

Special thanks to LD Shoppe for allowing us to use their phenomenal space. Tracy and I were gushing over every beautiful piece and can’t wait to come back to browse and be inspired soon!





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