May 13, 2019

Emma Jane

Our baby girl arrived!!! Actually, she’s a whole month old today, but these are her newborn photos that I finally got around to sharing. Things are a little more challenging with 3 kids, 3yrs & under. 😉

Our sweet girl was born April 15 at 2:26am, weighing 7lbs 8oz.

Quiet time for the boys is almost over, so I’m keeping this post short! Emma is doing great and is such a delight as she is beginning to smile and be more aware. I’ll have to post more photos soon of her at 1 month! Love

Aaron’s sister Natalie was willing to take a few quick family photos for us. We’re so thankful! It was a bit of mayhem trying to get the boys and even Emma “in line”, but a little dose of reality never hurt anyone.