July 17, 2019

Nora Keely

Maybe you recognize these shining faces from the first photo on my home page. Seems like their engagement just happened, but now they’re 3 years married and praising God for little Nora’s safe arrival!!!! We are so overjoyed to welcome a new niece to the family!! We’ve been enjoying her (and her parents’!) company for 2 weeks today. This little gem is an amazing sleeper, loves cuddles, and doesn’t mind her big boy cousins jabbering in her face.

Erin is my sister, one of the most natural mothers there ever was. She’s always been known as the “baby whisperer” in the family, though it’s Keith’s shushing that’s guaranteed to put Nora to sleep in minutes!

Within a couple of days of Nora’s arrival, the Backensto’s joined us for our family vacation in Topeka, KS. Just DAYS old and they all were so calm and easygoing! Nana was certainly in her happy place with so many babies to go around- 5 kids under 3 yrs!

We all think she looks more like her daddy, but time will tell! She surprised everyone with a beautiful head of dark hair. Erin didn’t believe Keith and the nurses telling her that at first!

Always happy in Daddy’s strong arms. Keith’s mom even got to be there the day she arrived, pretty exciting!

Cuddles. With her very own.

Ok, these are some of my favorite baby images I’ve taken. Spotted these flowers in my mom’s garden and thought they went perfectly with Nora’s yellow bow!

She is SMILEY!!! I mean all the time!

Nora, we love you so much and are so thrilled to get this precious time with you. Erin and Keith, we couldn’t be more excited for you!!!!!! Love, the Pols





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