September 7, 2019

Mr. & Mrs. Denis

I’ve been trying to think of just one word to describe Sophiane & Yve’s wedding day. I can’t! Many that come to mind just don’t seem to fit together, yet it all blended together in a beautiful way. Alot of elegant…a little bit of crazy… so much love.

Dom, Dom & Liz were such a sweet crew! I’m pretty sure they all literally loaned her the shirt off their backs at one point in an effort to save her updo!

Something about photos in your parents’ backyard. I hope and pray I get to do this with my own little ones someday! Love the pretty greens, but even better because it’s much more than that.

Things were a little quieter over with the men getting ready. No sharing shirts and baby stories! Aaron hung out with these guys and I’m sure they had their own laughs.

There is a thing about these two. They are so, so, SO happy to be with each other. He is always making her laugh. They’re always supporting each other, taking care of each other. They are so devoted to one another. Exactly as it should be. Amazing to witness.

Not too much surprises me on wedding day…but this couple got me!!! They made their entrance to “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. It was no joke to them though, a true favourite! Aaron and I used to Rick Roll each other all the time, even going so far as to mail an Astley t-shirt from Ottawa to Kansas. But you know, after hearing it so many times, it’s safe to say we now love the song too. Here’s to singing those words forevermore!! #nerdsandlovingit

Sunset photos are the best. LOVE it when my couples make time for this!!! Only takes 10 minutes!

Fun (and a little wild) night!

Congratulations, Yves and Sophiane!! The two of you were so gracious, kind, and lovely to us. Aaron and I had a blast celebrating with you all day and hope we get to see you again!!





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