September 23, 2019

Young Family

New home, new photos!! The last time I photographed for the Youngs was a year ago, when Sophie was newborn. How fast they grow!!! They’ve just moved into their new place and wanted to do a short indoor family session to document. What I love, so much, is the personality of these kids coming through in just a couple of photos. <3

I know it feels crazy trying to get two toddlers to settle for photos, but that chaos is something I am delighted by. The more I shoot, the more I realize these in-between photos are my favourites, and I need to shoot many, many more of them! I’m still laughing out loud looking at this photo. So much big brother love, eh? 😉 (But seriously he was only trying to help, and she wasn’t hurt a bit by the super soft bow.)

I also love it when other families remind me of my own in some way. Serious, reserved older child, and a little bit of extra spunk in the second!

Congratulations again, Andrew & Brianna! Enjoy this new place and new chapter in your lives!!!





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