October 14, 2019

Dubois Family

I’ve been debating lately – is a whole blog post really necessary? Does anyone read my posts or get all the way to the bottom? Other than real prints or albums, this is my favorite way to share photos from a session. Though the gallery includes many more, these are some of the highlights carefully laid out to tell a lively story. If you never have looked through one before, I hope this will be your first. And I hope you’ll love it.

This is a brave family, one that takes chances. Even when we parked, the rain was still coming down! But after waiting patiently for a few minutes, the rain let up and we were off. You can see by the above photo, they had a great energy! 😉

The last time I got to see these lovely people, their oldest son, Loïc, was just a baby!! He had such great hair, even then!

We all laughed so much – just the way I like it! Though it was wet and dreary, the smiles were bright and I loved every minute.

One of my favourite things about extended family sessions is watching grandparents with their grandchildren. You could just feel how much they were loved!!





Arlène & Sam.

Madeleine & André.

Mariève & Simon.

As always, a lovely evening at RiverOak Estates. Happy Thanksgiving, Dubois family!





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