October 15, 2019

Double Date

I am so excited to finally share these with you all!!!! Early in October, Aaron’s sister Natalie and her husband Eric agreed to my crazy plan of taking each other’s family photos. If you know our families, you know I was getting the better deal!

Though it was chilly, the photos turned out so nicely. Little Keira is such a happy little doll! And Natalie took our family photos while Uncle Eric did crazy things to get our kids attention. I’m just stunned at what they were able to do with us! Alright, enough gushing, just see for yourself.

Two of my favourite images from all of these are of a dad’s big, strong hands compared to his baby girl’s. This one is Eric & Keira, the other is Aaron & Emma, later in the post.

One Sunday, I sprained my ankle and Natalie (a physiotherapist AND an extremely sweet person) came over right away to check on me. She was still wearing this dress from church and all I could think was that I had to photograph her in it. She’s a stunner!!! Maxi’s are surprisingly hard to find around here, but they photograph so beautifully, adding a soft, feminine feel and and gentle movement to photos. Love it!


The cousins!!

My handsome Titus.

Judah, who can stare right into your soul.

Natalie and Eric’s handiwork! Our family can’t thank you enough!!

Aaron actually took these of just Emma and I. He did an amazing job at capturing a softer, sweeter side. I treasure these!

I feel you guys. Picking out outfits was so hard! Just as many of my clients have experienced, I was changing my mind at the last minute, questioning everything like, “Am I really confident enough to wear white pants for fall family photos???” The answer is apparently yes. Pretty happy with it. 😉

So this is what a double date looks like when 4 kids are involved. And I loved it!!





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