December 12, 2019

Dostanic Family

Merry Christmas!! Last post of the year, and it is ADORABLE! I visited this family just a few days ago to photograph them in their beautiful home. Hooray for Christmas trees, white walls, and cookie decorating!

Marko takes care of Helena so well… when she lets him!

White on white on white is my favourite thing. This house and especially this corner of it was a dream to shoot!!

I told Marko I had a son a year younger than him and he calculated for me, “So when I’m 5, he is 4. And when I’m 6, he will be 5! And when I’m 7, he will be 6!” And so on. It was pretty exciting for him, but I’m not ready to think about my son being even 5 or 6!

There are a few reasons I don’t do in-home shoots often, but one thing I do love about them is seeing people in their own home. With socks on. Lounging on pillows they lean on every day. Relaxed.

Such a welcoming and sweet pair! I love how intentional and engaged they are with their children, and with each other!

Helena enjoyed looking at their previous family photos that we took at the Arboretum. I wonder how much she remembers, if any of it. I haven’t forgotten her little(r) face from back then!

A Christmas tradition for these guys! The decorated cookies didn’t sit around long when they were done! 😉

Thanks so much, guys! Such a treat to see you again!





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