July 3, 2020

Emily K, Graduate

Emily Kingswood, high school graduate.

Such a big congratulations from us too, Emily!!! Aaron and I are so thankful for you and for the Lord’s grace to you and through you.

Aaron has known Emily her whole life, but I’ve known her somewhere around 10 years. What a pleasure it was getting to know this entire family when I moved to Canada all those years ago, just after my own high school graduation. I can’t believe Emily is now making a similar big move! We will miss her so much but I can’t wait for her to enjoy new friends and families as I have.

But seriously Em, come back often. Really often. <3

Family photos are always a special time of everyone getting together, but how much more in these past months?? This was my first time meeting baby Norah. Loved getting a chance to see her! A third cousin to my kids, and I think Elia’s right, there is a hint of resemblance to Titus! Norah pulls off a bow a million times better, though. 😉

Congratulations to these two as well! Fourth child to graduate. Certainly a day to celebrate!

Emily was one of very few Canadians who could attend our Kansas wedding. It was a special trip for her with her dad, our pastor and wedding officiant. I have a framed photo in our house, Aaron and I dancing at our wedding with little Emily in the background capturing every moment in photos. Only the beginning!

Emily and I share a love of portrait photography, but it’s SO different being on the other side of the camera. She makes it look easy, despite being smothered in mosquitoes!

Emily, I had such a hard time with this blog post for a few reasons. Partly because it seems bittersweet, though mostly sweet!! Partly because there is so much to say, but it’s hard to write it down. And lastly, all three of my kids (who love you to pieces) were on my lap climbing on top of each other just to get the best view of my screen, full of the lovely “Miss Emily”.

We’re so proud of you and the young woman the Lord has molded you into. So many hugs from us, and again… congratulations, Graduate!!!!!





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