August 27, 2020

Jaja Family

She asked me if it was ok to wear white… Of course I said PLEASE DO!!!! This session may be one of my very favourites because it all came together so beautifully!

I LOVE the white and neutrals against all the green and natural setting.

I LOVE these two boys who couldn’t wait to explore and live a little. (I think it was maybe 10 minutes in that Benny covered his leg in mud??)

And I LOVE that these parents were willing to roll with it and relax enough to enjoy the beautiful evening and family before them.

This beautiful bench was where the mud happened. Wipes were retrieved and in the meantime, we got to meet Ranger, one of the new puppies at RiverOak Estates! So thankful to be able to use and enjoy this beautiful property along with them!

The boys are the same ages as my younger two. I loved all the little things that were so familiar, but at the same time unique to this family. They don’t really need to look at me. But spending time with Mom and Dad? That’s a good night in their books.

Kristen and Chris, you do this so well.

I just loved meeting your family and going for a stroll!!! Thank you so much, Jaja family, and enjoy the last of your summer!





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