September 22, 2020

Gauthier Family

Well this was an adventure, to say the least!!! No one fell in the pond, so thankfully it wasn’t too exciting. Nonetheless, we all ended up pretty wet by the end! So thankful for just the right family on this rainy day, one who could roll with the changing weather and make it a great (and memorable) evening anyway. I would absolutely call it a success, even if it did pour the majority of the time!

Tiny babies are adorable whatever they’re doing, but the expressions on this sweetheart below (and her parents!)… Cutest thing!

Another happy baby, AND a couple whose wedding I photographed two years ago! Such a pleasure to see this family grow.

Beautiful Marie-Claire has maybe the best job of being an aunt to those sweet baby girls! She was also the bravest, dashing through the rain with me to get to this spot… which turned out not to be so “covered and dry”. And still she shared her umbrella with me!!

Never too grown up for sibling photos!

Claire and Laurent were so good about the weather. They clearly loved just being surrounded by their family. Such a blessing to see!!

I asked if people thought she looked a bit like her dad… “Yes. Oh yes, definitely.”

This was our final attempt, throwing caution (and umbrellas!) to the wind to get one more group photo, however wet we got. The laughter and smiles were so worth it!! Thank you so much for the lovely evening, Gauthier family!





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