September 30, 2020

Hong Family

So much fun to see the Hong family again after a few years! Ocean was barely sitting when I last saw them, and this time I got to meet their sweet grandparents!

I watched them watch the children play around the beautiful park. It made me so happy to see the joy on their faces as the kids explored, or danced, or climbed. So much is messy and hard in the world right now… but they had the chance to be together, enjoying a gorgeous fall evening. I’m so glad!!

Did I mention…. not only does Ocean sit much better these days, he moves faster than I can focus my camera most of the time?? His enthusiasm was so much fun though!!

The shot below is one of my favourites. They’re not too old to snuggle yet!!

All three kids are SO grown up. Loved catching up with each of them!

I typically choose a setting with less people wandering around, partly so everyone feels relaxed and comfortable. Karen and Matt weren’t phased at all. You can’t see the many other park visitors here, but we were surrounded. And still, they looked at each other as if no one else was there. Love it.

Hong Family, thank you so much for the fun adventure! And for getting me downtown again… it was a treat! 😉





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