October 10, 2020

van Popta Family

Always a pleasure to friends again after a few years! I’m so thankful this job allows me that, even in times such as these. Anyway, it’s been long enough – the kids have grown too much!!

This session and post is a first for me! For the first time, there’s one sweet, smiling little face that is going to stay private. This family has been blessed to love and care for Baby Girl who they are fostering. I know she has been so blessed too! I know they are delighted to hold her close as long as they’re able. I also know she is a smiley GEM and I’m so glad I got to meet her!

The beautiful Watson’s Mill in Manotick – the most vibrant colours every. single. year.

I don’t know what this is about. But these are the best smiles.

Just a little portrait of Luna! I loved that each child wanted their own photo with her too. Well, all but one….

…who got roped into it anyway and clearly doesn’t seem too upset about it!

So glad to see you all again, and thankful you’re all keeping well!! Happy Thanksgiving 🙂





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