November 3, 2020

Plews Family

At long last, I have photos ready for this family! I was able to book a last minute session for them with the caveat that it may take me a while to get photos back. Well today is finally the day, and they’ve been so sweet and patient about it.

I’m enjoying going back and remembering how much fun this session was!

In our family, we call them a spoon… the one person who is always stirring the pot! I won’t reveal which of these charming young people it is in the Plews family, but it was hilarious to watch!!

The Spoon in our family is…100% me. I’m not sure it helped matters that I also married a Spoon. And now we have a drawer full of baby Spoons. It’s a real riot. 😉

I have my clients walk often and we always joke about how “normal” it is to just all walk in a line together… Alright, so it’s usually not. But shouldn’t it be?? This was a pretty great two minutes!

These are some of my FAVOURITE images below! I love the fall greens, I love the smiles, and love, and laughter. So thankful for the chance to spend time with this family, who I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the last several years!

Plews family, thank you SO much for the pleasure of taking your portraits!!





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