Laura & Aaron

Kansas girl + Canadian Dutchy

He saw me first

...and that's a big deal to me. Technically I asked him on our first date, so it's nice to remember that he noticed me! After catching his eye in a friendly volleyball game, a fairytale first dance, and more than a few flights between Ontario and Kansas, we tied the knot on August 6, 2011. ❤

A few years later, the Lord has blessed us with two delightful sons and a baby girl who keep us laughing (and running) all day! 


MEet our little



Business man, heavy lifter, and calming presence.


Photographer, dreamer, mama, expert at remembering meal times.


5 year old thinker, puzzler, and mechanic generally found in rubber boots and Carharts.


4 year old wild man, knows exactly when to flash his melt-your-heart dimpled smile, fearless climber.


1.5 year old charmer, loves to laugh, smile, and eat (just like her mama.) 

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portrait style

Think for a minute about why you need us. Do you just want a portrait to fill space on your wall? Hopefully it is more than that! We truly value photos as keepsakes and heirlooms - not just for you, but for future generations.

This philosophy impacts the way we serve our clients. Knowing that these photos are ultimately reminders of this season in your life, we want to capture some of that reality in a curated and flattering way. We're all for classic shots, but with big genuine smiles and loving embraces. Working with us, you can expect gentle guidance, someone to keep that stray hair out of your eyes, and usually a lot of laughter as we stroll along and get to know each other. 

The reason why

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We have three children. Two children are boys, but our daughter might be even more rambunctious... We understand what you're going through! We know that you can't make a two year old (or 30 year old) boy sit if he doesn't want to, let alone smile for 10 minutes. We keep every session light and relaxed and work hard to guide you, rather than force you into something you're not.

Tandem photography

less stress

more joy

Meeting, connecting with, and spending time with each one of you gives us so much joy. We encourage you to enjoy your experience with us while you make those sweet memories. Let yourself get carried away and relax with us! Trust me, that happy version of you is always your best side.

Photography is valuable because you are valuable. A single photograph can bring joy, sweet memories or a better understanding of the person in it. This experience isn't just for you, but the many people who do, and who will, love you.

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